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The leading UK manufacturer of pure nutritional supplements

Epigenetics Ltd was formed in 2011 when Chris Astill-Smith left Metabolics Ltd and co-founded the new company with his partners Gill Farr, Bob Kite and Clive Bingham who combined have over 70 years experience of the Natural Healthcare industry

 We pride ourselves on being a family run manufacturing business and see our Practitioners as being an extension of the 'Epigenetics Family'.

Today we have over 350 products in our range, all manufactured in our production unit which is in the heart of the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

In October 2011 we ran our first seminar where we launched our initial range of 14 Herbs and Spices developed to detoxify patients.

Our second range of products the Wonder Range of Toiletries was launched in the December 2011 and was introduced with the aim of preventing patients adding toxins into their bodies from the everyday high street toiletries which are packed with unnatural chemicals. 

In April 2012 we introduced our range of Liquid Vitamins and Minerals developed to help regulate patients’ biological pathways.


In the July the same year we introduced our range of 8 Culinary Oils which are designed to replace old rancid oils in the body to give the patient an ‘oil change’. In August we introduced our range of 12 tissue salts. 

In September 2012 came a major development with our range of Coloured Multiples which have resulted from Chris researching, lecturing and presenting about the different body types of Green, Red and Blue people and the characteristics of each group. We now make it easy for the practitioner to prescribe the correct products by supplying a herb and spice mix, a vitamin and mineral mix, an oil mix and a Probiotic for the three 3 different body coloured types.


In September 2013 we made a significant investment in an encapsulating machine which enabled us to produce a range of Vegetarian Capsules. All our capsules are supplied in flat postal packs which means they can be sent in the post as large letters and will fit through most letter boxes.

Up to 8 packs of capsules can be sent as one large letter which is a massive cost saving in postage and ensures the customer doesn't need to go to the local Royal Mail collection office to collect a package which will not go through the letter box.

April 2014 saw the introduction of our Smart Range of Products and the investment of a second encapsulation machine.

July 2015 was an integral part of our drive to be the leading UK manufacturer of the pure nutritional products, with the introduction our new range of Pure Products and the installation of our third encapsulation machine.


Today in our Pewsey unit we manufacture over 350 products and ship to thousands of customers all over the world.

In our warehouse we hold excellent stocks of products and 97% of all UK orders received are shipped First Class post on the same day.

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Our manufacturing site is FDA registered

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